Turbo Z: first World Cup, first victory

The first World Cup of the new season 20-21 promptly goes on record in the history books. It’s not often that a debutante makes off with the victory. It happened to Turbo Z (Thunder vd Zuuthoeve) and Kevin Jochems (26) in Oslo on Sunday. For Turbo Z as well as Jochems this was their first World Cup. For starters they rode an immaculate first round. Seven of them were through to the jump-off where Turbo Z was the last to come into action. Christian Kukuk (Cecker, Comme Il Faut) was the second-last rider in the arena and showed them the fastest route. Not without risk though, Kukuk exited with four penalties. But he had plotted the perfect line and Kevin Jochems was prepared to take all risks. Turbo Z followed his rider and managed to stay clean. He wins with over one and a half-second lead over Pieter Clemens (Hulde G, Vigo D’Arsouilles) from Jos Lansink’s Stables.



Turbo Z was bred and is still owned by Wijnand Van Stam. ‘Fantastic, isn’t it!? I’m a hobby breeder, I can’t earn a living with it (smiles). Every year I breed some five foals and Turbo Z is the third generation that was born in my yard. I have bred horses from that line with stallions like Taloubet Z and Aganix du Seigneur Z. It all started with a Heidelberg mare which I bought in 1975. Paired to Nimmerdor she gave Cinini, granddam to Turbo Z. I combined her with Renville and that resulted in Gicini, who is Turbo Z’s dam. Because she’s fairly small standing at just 1.61m, my veterinarian Bart Veldeman advised to use Thunder vd Zuuthoeve as a sire and that worked out well. Turbo Z never stood out as a foal or youngster. Luckily, I’m never in a rush with horses. I entrusted him to Michael Greeve when he was a 5-year-old and he achieved fine results with him. Early last year Turbo Z went to Kevin Jochems. I have already bred a few very fine offspring by Turbo Z, so I’m a happy man.’

Wijnand Van Stam had seen it coming for a while that Turbo Z was going to accomplish this: ‘From the time he was six I saw that Turbo Z was developing into a very good horse. Four years ago he was selected for the Nations Cup in Dublin where he left the ring with one clean record and one with four penalties. This year he made his breakthrough at five-star level, with selections for CSIO Sankt Gallen, Rotterdam, Aachen and the final in Barcelona. ‘Turbo is a world-class horse. It’s a shame I couldn’t be there, although I did follow it live on TV. This was their first World Cup for the horse, the rider, the breeder and the owner. You can never anticipate on such a result, yet I knew that Turbo Z had a good chance. That already showed on Friday. Nice fact is that Kevin and Turbo Z now got a second World Cup, in Lyon. And isn’t the World Cup Final going to take place in Leipzig? I’m definitely going to be present there’, Wijnand laughs.

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