Breeders’ Auction keeps going full throttle…

The buyer: ideal platform

The Breeders’ Auction consistently produces contented buyers and sellers. Recently for instance, there was Karin Oris of OK Stables from the Antwerp Kempen, who purchased two broodmares via the Z-Breeders’ Auction: ‘Our breeding used to be small-scale and was limited to a few foals per year, some of which we have sold via the Z-Quality Auction. We had the intention to expand our breeding and with the recent investment via the Breeders’ Auction we now own seven broodmares. Why? Because the Z auctions provide the opportunity. It is the ideal platform to purchase better-quality mares. The biggest challenge for breeders probably is the search for a good broodmare. Zangersheide is successful in putting them on offer on their various forums where buyers and sellers are brought together. That was the trigger that prompted us to go through with expanding our breeding. Another added value of Zangersheide is how they keep you so perfectly informed. They collect all potential and available data. It is unbiased, you know exactly what you’re buying. Proceedings are smooth, clear and transparent and the price-quality ratio is correct.’


The seller: ideal marketplace

Karin Oris purchased Camilla Z (Cassini II x Chellano Z), in foal by Gitana van Berkenbroeck and Havana de Laubry, a Darco daughter who’s expecting a Brunetti Z foal. The breeder and seller is Damien Haelterman from Haras de Laubry. It was the first time he put a broodmare for sale at the Breeders’ Auction: ‘I can recommend it to anyone. This first experience is certainly worth repeating. We have many broodmares and were ready to let some of them go. So then there’s the option to offer them for sale to acquaintances and other contacts, but that always feels a bit like I’m knocking on doors. The Breeders’ Auction provides a level playing field with both parties being equal. And it’s also an easy option right now in these Corona times. You place your mare on the site and Zangersheide acts as a thorough intermediary who provides all information. The Breeders’ Auction is very fair and open. Havana de Laubry was sold within a few days. There was some interest, a bit of negotiating about the price and the deal was done. That’s the undeniable advantage of the Breeder’s Auction, everyone is there to do business, to buy and sell, it’s very direct, concrete, open and fair. That makes the Breeders’ Auction the ideal marketplace.

Breeders who wish to offer their Z horse for sale via the Breeders’ Auction can do so by completing the form via this link:


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